Care recipients crs are not enthusiastic about exercising and participate only in a limited way

Try: To find a variety from different countries and musical tastes try # if handheld percussion instruments cannot be purchased spend a day or two having all crs help in making their own instruments ideas for making percussion instruments can be found by at most libraries and by searching the internet # explain to the crs that the exercise session is also a chance to participate in a fun musical experience using handheld instruments and music from around the world each cr should get a chance to choose an instrument or you can rotate instruments between each song # start the music # demonstrate each instrument be sensitive to the physical abilities required to use each instrument and to the abilities of each participant # move freely to the rhythm and encourage those in the group to move their bodies as freely as possible as they play the instruments along with the music

Materials: Handheld percussion instruments either purchased if the budget allows or made out of scrap materials or by someone who is handy even a solid dowel and a wood block can make a good percussion instrument music player rhythmic music of various types and from various countries march calypso spanish waltz african indian etc

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