Anti-clotting drugs often have serious side effects including risk of heavy bleeding

Try: Use one pharmacy to fill all prescriptions so drug interactions can be monitored by the pharmacist take anti-platelet medication at the same time every day never take more than one tablet at a time to make up for a missed dose improper use of medicines accounts for an increasing number of hospitalizations and deaths make sure other health care providers including dentist and podiatrist know their patient is taking anti-platelet medications keep a current list of all medicines and dosages in a wallet or purse report the following to the doctor any increase in bruising or any bleeding when brushing teeth teeth; any blood in urine or stool and any headache or change in vision clear all over-the-counter medications or herbals with physicians keep track of medical appointments with a calendar do not stop taking anti-platelet medication without consulting a physician many medications cannot safely be stopped abruptly follow food restrictions advised by doctors protect hands feet and head from cuts during regular activities of daily living

Materials: Anti-platelet prescription from doctor single pharmacy to fill all prescriptions list of all medications including over-the-counter and herbal medicines calendar

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