Care recipient (cr) with arthritis and joint pain wants to exercise but fears pain will be much worse afterward

Try: #check with the cr to make sure the exercise area’s temperature is comfortable for him or her if necessary adjust the temperature or add a layer of cotton clothing to the cr’s clothes for warmth #before exercising warm the joints with the cloth or heat pack then gently move the cr’s arm or leg at each of the painful joints to determine his or her comfortable range of motion repeat that range of motion five to ten times a session; try to provide exercise sessions two or three times a day #after warming the joints exercise gently then apply warmth to the joint areas again #keep an exercise log and record each session noting how much the cr is able to do and for how long

Materials: Comfortable room temperature heat pack or warm washcloth exercise log

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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