Care recipient (cr) has been told by doctor to stay hydrated to avoid side effects of medication caregiver is concerned that cr drinks too little water and too much caffeine

Try: #keep an eye on how often the cr usually drinks in a 24-hour period if it’s helpful take notes or ask the cr to make a note each time fluid is taken describing what and how much was drunk #review what kind of liquids the cr is usually drinking does the cr drink water alcohol caffeinated drinks juice how well do these choices interact with the cr’s health and nutritional needs #keep in mind that alcohol and caffeine don’t keep people hydrated they tend to cause people to urinate more frequently increase water intake if beer wine liquor caffeinated coffee tea or cola are taken #make healthier drink choices attractive to the cr by serving them before other drinks are brought out and by serving them in attractive cups or glasses jazz up iced water with a few slices of lemon or orange dropped in the glass or pitcher #offer fluids every couple of hours serve them just before or with meals and snacks #if the cr doesn’t want to give up rituals associated with drinking less healthy fluids create and add rituals tied to healthier choices for example set aside time to share an evening decaffeinated coffee or early morning glass of juice with the cr put everything else you’re doing aside even if only for ten minutes and focus on the cr sharing drinks that are attractively prepared and served in a distraction-free setting

Materials: Assortment of drinks short attractive brightly-colored tumblers straws if helpful small pitchers

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