Care recipient (cr) is taking medications three times a day with the major meals each time the pills taken vary slightly

Try: #assign a time and color to each pill container for example breakfast red lunch white and dinner blue write breakfast lunch and dinner on the assigned boxes #fill each box with the medications for the week for example put a week’s worth of the medications taken at breakfast time in the red box #explain to the cr that each box corresponds to a different mealtime and should be taken with the meal whose name is written on it #keep the boxes in a location visible and convenient to the cr but safe from small children if they are frequently present #make sure the cr understands the system by asking him or her to explain it to you #make sure other caregivers know what medications are taken and how they are organized #make sure you know who is filling the pill boxes on what day so you can check the box to see how many doses are being taken and if any have been skipped you won’t know how many have been missed if you don’t know when the box was filled if other caregivers are involved they can help monitor the cr’s improvement in taking pills by checking the box when they come on or off a shift

Materials: Three 7-day pill containers in three different colors red blue white black marker thin tip caregivers

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