Care recipient (cr) shows decreasing appetite as time passes although there is no medical reason caregiver’s aim is to keep the cr at a healthy weight and on a nutritious meal plan

Try: #continue to serve balanced meals adding food the cr likes even if some of it isn’t optimal #if the cr most frequently chooses foods that are among the least healthiest for him or her look for more wholesome versions of those foods for example replace ice cream with no-sugar added ice cream fatty foods with leaner or fat-free alternatives and high-sodium foods with reduced sodium options try cooking without salt and use seasonings with lower-sodium salt or salt-free herbs and seasonings #make meals and snacks easier to handle chew and swallow according to the cr’s changing needs a meal of chicken and vegetables may look overwhelming on a plate for example but may be more attractive when the same ingredients are combined as smaller pieces in a soup fruits that a cr may not want to eat whole may be pureed and served as a drink or as topping on cake or sherbet a cr who no longer eats a whole slice of toast may eat find it less overwhelming to consider eating a piece of toast that has been sliced in half than one that is served whole #make an effort to keep food looking familiar even if the cr’s health requires that his or her diet be changed if it is no longer a good idea for the cr to drink alcoholic beverages buy alcohol-free beers or make alcohol-free drinks and serve them in the cr’s familiar glasses #serve food with an attractive napkin and keep the eating area clutter free and clean #some caregivers have found that serving the same amount of food on a larger plate may make it appear to the cr that he or she is eating less in some cases this trick may be helpful in allowing a cr to see the same amount of food as manageable

Materials: Dinner plates or any larger-sized plates attractive portions sizes

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