Care recipient (cr) resists idea of planning healthy meals current diet consists of unplanned junk food meals and snacks of whatever packaged foods can are in the house

Try: #offer to help the cr with meal planning grocery shopping and meal preparation #explain that planning meals would be healthier than eating junk food and would help save money in the long run #find out the cr’s diet needs and restrictions based on his or her health conditions medications health risks and allergies #write down the foods that the cr likes and dislikes #find out what the cr’s monthly or weekly food budget is help develop a budget if the cr does not have one #instead of expecting the cr to change eating styles suddenly build a transition plan into the process make healthier home-cooked versions of the fast food the cr is used to for example over time refine the foods to match the cr’s nutritional needs #make meal plans for two weeks to a month in advance it is wiser to go to the grocery store with an understanding of what you’ll need for the next few weeks than to plan menus as you shop #plan snacks along with meals stock small pieces of fruit vegetables cheese crackers yogurt or pudding instead of cookies cakes or chips #keep meals simple healthy and affordable look in bookstores libraries and online for recipe collections that meet these objectives if you don’t have them on hand #use sticky notes to tag recipes that you are going to use in the near future #allow for leftovers in your meal plans you are likely to have leftovers if you are only cooking for one or two freezing the leftovers for future use is a great way to have a quick and healthy meal

Materials: Cookbooks and recipes pen and paper sticky notes

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