Care recipient (cr) is stumbling and falling at home

Try: #if a cr is stumbling or falling at home evaluate the safety of the shoes and slippers the cr is wearing ##make sure all shoes and slippers worn have non-slip soles if the cr likes to wear socks around the house buy thick socks with skid-proof treads on them these are sold at many pharmacies and department stores ##if tripping over shoelaces is an issue consider replacing lace-up shoes with velcro-fastening shoes or replacing regular laces with elastic laces that don’t need to be untied and re-tied ##look for shoes that fit snugly and completely cover the foot flopping shoes can be hazardous #check the home for obstacles the cr might trip over such as throw rugs clutter electrical cords or furniture ##you may want to remove rugs or tape them down with carpet tape ##remove clutter from pathways and stairs ##move furniture against walls to create wider passages through rooms run electrical cords behind furniture and keep them away from main routes through the house #make sure lighting meets the cr’s needs and consider using white lampshades to make the most of a bulb’s brightness replace lampshades that started out white but turned beige or yellow due to sunlight or nicotine damage #put nightlights in hallways and in rooms with heavy nighttime traffic #if the cr is holding on to furniture or walls to move through the house discuss whether an assistive device such as a walker would be useful keep in mind that a walker shouldn’t be used to lean on when the cr rises from a seated position although it may be very helpful stabilizing the cr once he or she is standing or walking check the rubber tips and screws on the walker once a week

Materials: Closed shoes and slippers with non-skid soles bright light bulbs energy-efficient bulbs are available white lamp shades nightlights walker cane etc as needed

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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