Care recipient (cr) leans backward when walking with a rolling walker because of muscle tightness and inability to stand upright and requires some help when walking

Try: Place weights securely on the top front horizontal bar of the walker stand the person and walk as usual with the walker you’ll know you have the correct amount of weight on the walker when the cr cr’s backward leaning is alleviated by weights the goal is to provide stability without overloading the walker weights can be removed in situations where they prove inconvenient such as when the cr has to cross uneven surfaces thick carpeting etc but generally should be kept on to promote increased independence

Materials: Walker with wheels on the front legs and gliders on the back legs this tip would not work as well with the lifting kind of walker 5 to 20 pounds of weight strap weights are available at discount stores or sports stores; they have velco closures that let them wrap around an object the exact amount of weight needed will depend on the cr a selection might be helpful to determine individual needs

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