Weakness poor balance and other conditions can make bathing dangerous

Try: #measure the tub and surrounding areas to see where grab bars would fit and be most useful grab bars are found in medical supply stores and some pharmacies as are tub and shower benches or chairs grab bars must be installed properly or safety will be decreased rather than increased grab bars must be mounted onto studs not drywall or tiles #for seating measure the inside width of the tub or shower and consider the weight and seating needs of a user before choosing a seat or bench ask whether a seat back is needed or available look at seats and benches in a medical supply showroom before purchasing if possible #consult with an occupational therapist or doctor before buying a seat or bench when considering the above questions also with a prescription insurance may cover some or all of the costs #install a hand-held shower head with a hose long enough to reach the seat or bench #once the needs of the user and the measurements of the site are reviewed consider asking a knowledgeable person or a trusted friend to review plans for adding equipment to the bathroom sometimes two heads are better than one #in cases where safety is an issue have a caregiver present in the home while bathing occurs

Materials: Grab bars tub and shower bench hand-held shower head consultation with a doctor or physical therapist review with a friend or advocate caregiver if necessary helper who is handy with tools and can follow directions

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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