Care recipient (cr) is unable to safely walk for exercise outdoors during the winter and finds traveling to and from indoor walking sites difficult

Try: #select two locations at a fairly great distance from each other in the home between which the cr walks throughout the day for example the kitchen and a back bedroom a front and back door or a utility room and a front hall #put three hundred pennies in an easily-reached bowl in one location and a large plastic jar with its lid removed in the second location place a small notepad and pen near the jar #each time the cr walks from the first to the second location he or she can carry a penny from the bowl to drop into the jar #if you measure the number of feet between the two locations and then divide the number of feet in a mile by that number you will know how much distance the cr is covering as the number of pennies in the jar adds up for example the number of feet in a mile is 5 280 so every 528 feet is one tenth of a mile if the distance between the location of your jar and your bowl is 20 feet 27 one-way trips equal about a tenth of a mile and 270 trips equal about a mile so measure the number of feet between your jar and bowl then divide 528 by that number to get the number of one-way trips you would need to make to walk a tenth of a mile the number of trips it takes to walk a tenth of a mile multiplied by ten equals the number of one-way trips that will equal a mile #use the pennies to mark the number of one way trips the cr makes #encourage or help the cr to use the notepad and pen to mark off the accomplishments that feel inspiring perhaps noting every five trips every tenth of a mile or every mile walked the point is to encourage the cr to recognize the exercise he or she can get just going from place to place indoors and to encourage the cr to add extra walking inside for the fun of reaching personal mile markers

Materials: One large plastic jar 300 pennies one shallow but sturdy medium-sized bowl small notepad and pen

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