Care recipient (cr) with emergency alert necklace sometimes takes it off and forgets to put it back around neck or wrist

Try: #an emergency alert button allows many crs to live in their homes knowing that in the event of a medical emergency they can push a button and let someone know they need help the button is on a small electronic device worn on a cord around the neck or wrist #most emergency alert buttons are meant to be worn twenty-hours a day seven days a week and taken off only in the shower #if a cr keeps taking it off and forgetting to put it on try attaching the alert button to a favorite necklace or watchband that way the cr will be reminded naturally to wear the button each time he or she puts on the necklace or watch #put a small hook at eye level near the location where the cr usually removes the emergency alert button hanging the cord from a hook at eye level may make it more visible to the cr and hanging it near where it is removed will increase the chance that the cr will be in the area to see it #to increase visibility further buy brightly colored cord from a fabric store and thread it through the electronic device; this may also increase the button’s visibility to the cr when it is time to remember to put it back on

Materials: Favorite necklace or watch hook brightly colored cord

Categories: Medical Physical, Independence, No Supervision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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