Care recipient (cr) is told to increase fiber in diet and would like to do so without having to get used to a lot of new foods

Try: #until the cr is really comfortable with these foods think of them as additions to the regular diet and treat them as additives rather than replacements #if the cr is not willing to eating bran cereal for breakfast find ways to add one or two tablespoons of bran flakes to the breakfast cereal the cr will eat add two tablespoons of bran to granola or one tablespoon to instant hot oatmeal add a little extra water as the bran will make the cereal stiffer #add bran bulgar barley or brown rice to soups or casseroles #begin replacing some of the all-purpose white flour used for baking with whole wheat flour look for recipes that call for using both kinds of flour #add fresh fruits and vegetables as side dishes to meals #replace clear fruit juices with fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable drinks the more of the fruit and vegetable the drink contains the better if necessary buy orange juice with pulp in it #make a snack mix for the cr using nuts and raisins as well as a small amount of tasty incentive foods such as chocolate chips pretzel knots or small cereal squares # ask the cr’s doctor how many fiber grams the cr’s daily diet should include and begin reading food and drink labels for

Materials: Crude bran flakes sold in bulk food section whole wheat flour bulgar barley and buckwheat sold in bulk food section fresh fruit and vegetables nuts and dried fruits beans brown rice

Categories: Medical Physical, Personal, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance

Information: About fiber content the number of grams of fiber in a serving of food is usually listed on the nutrition label of canned boxed and bagged foods information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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