Care recipient (cr) dislikes the idea of exercise and resists many kinds of formalized physical activity

Try: #buy a very large balloon at a party supply store it’s a good idea to buy extras #get it filled with helium for indoor or outdoor use but if you plan on using it outdoors it’s also a good idea to have twenty to forty feet of string on hand tie one end of the string to the balloon and the other to a loop around your wrist and that way when you play with the balloon outside it won’t be able to float out of reach the long length of the string will allow you to bat it back and forth with the cr over a good distance #inside or outside push bat swat nudge flip or spike the balloon back and forth between you and the cr if friends or family members are visiting include them in the game the more the merrier #don’t call it exercise it’s fun and few people can resist the lure of a large light ball #the game works well even if the balloon is not filled with helium use a bicycle pump to inflate the balloon or an air balloon pump which are often sold for several dollars at party supply stores

Materials: Several large balloons 36 inches in diameter helium if desired 20 to 40 foot piece of string if helpful

Categories: Medical Physical, Mobility, Mobile, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, No Supervision, Some Supervision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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