Care recipient (cr) can no longer drink from a cup or through a straw hospice workers have shown family members and caregivers how to keep the cr comfortable providing appropriate fluids nutrition and pain-easing medication family members will provide fluids orally upon request

Try: #offer the cr water or ice chips frequently to prevent dehydration or discomfort with medical approval offer alternatives to water such as apple juice #if the cr’s interest in eating and drinking are low offer a few ice chips brought to the cr’s mouth on a spoon spoon in a few ice chips at a time #water or other cool drinks can be given by dropper or syringe position the cr’s head and chest so that the risk of choking is minimized make sure the cr’s head is comfortably upright and bring a dropper or syringe full of liquid to the mouth drop or squirt the fluid gently along the inside of the cr’s cheek unless the cr prefers another location #discuss the kind and amount of liquid to give with the cr’s doctor buy a medicine dropper at a pharmacy or get a large syringe with a prescription from the doctor discuss any trouble you are giving fluids to the cr with a hospice nurse

Materials: Ice chips cool water or hospice-approved flavored drinks medicine dropper or prescription for large syringe

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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