Care recipient (cr) with no particular medical problem has less and less interest in eating caregiver is concerned that cr will soon face a problematic weight loss or nutritional deficit

Try: #offer small meals or several snacks throughout the day instead of three meals a day featuring regular-sized portions try three small meals and offer snacks at midday midafternoon and before bed #serve food with high carbohydrate high protein and high nutritional value for example cheese and crackers a serving of cottage cheese and fruit or milk and half a sandwich #add a liquid nutritional supplement to the diet if you or the cr cr’s doctor feel it is necessary read the list of ingredients before buying a canned or powdered supplement many list sugar as a main ingredient ask the cr cr’s doctor about over-the-counter alternatives #turn liquid or powdered nutritional supplements into tasty shakes puddings and pops they can be mixed or blended with fruit yogurt ice cream juice ice or coffee and many can be served at room temperature cooled or frozen read the labels carefully #while drinking fluids throughout the day is important consider whether the cr cr’s style of drinking is limiting appetite that is are large amounts of fluids right before or during meals limiting the cr cr’s interest in eating if so consider changing the times fluids are consumed #the cr may eat better if he or she has a companion at the table during meals a helper may provide company conversation or physical assistance

Materials: Carbohydrates and proteins with high nutritional value liquid nutritional supplements if needed companionship during meals and snacks

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