An old-fashioned muff for hands may keep palms and fingers warm when a person is inactive

Try: Stick cold hands into a warm muff that can be made as follows use the cardboard rectangle as a pattern piece place it on top of a larger piece of polar fleece and cut the fleece to the same size as the cardboard repeat the above with a piece of satin pin the lining right side up on batting but pin at least 1 from the fabric edge and don’t pin all the way through center the batting so the lining extends 1 inch past the batting at both ends pin the fleece right side down on top of the lining lining up edges carefully pin the corners first placing pins about an inch apart starting 1 inch in from the fabric ends make a 1 inch seam allowance and stitch the length of the muff remove all the pins turn the muff right side out and pat it flat on an even surface fold the muff in half with lining to the inside the right sides of the lining should face each other pin securely stitch lining edges to each other making sure not to catch the batting or fleece remove pins overlap the raw edges pin in place overcast or whip stitch by hand because fleece doesn’t unravel the hem doesn’t need to be folded under

Materials: Piece of cardboard 15 x 18 piece of polar fleece at least 15 x 18 piece of washable satin lining at least 15 x 18 piece of 4 oz washable batting 15 x 17

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