Gets out of bed unsafely

Try: For a caregiver moving around the house or sleeping separately from a Care recipient (cr) a baby monitor may serve as a warning that a cr is trying to get out of bed a cr who is able to can also speak aloud the need to get out of bed letting the caregiver know directly the transmitter of the baby monitor is left near the cr’s bed the receiver is carried or kept with the caregiver usefulness of the system is tested by placing the transmitter on a side table and checking where in the house or yard the receiver picks up noise test the system further by putting the transmitter in different places near the bed if there is no convenient spot near the bed try putting the transmitter in a knee high stocking and securing the stocking on the bed try the mattress headboard or bed frame make sure the unit is easily removable for recharging don’t cover the transmitter as that would reduce reception and build up heat in the unit a cr who speaks can help test the system by talking as the caregiver walks around the house or by getting out of bed during the day while the caregiver monitors from a distance

Materials: Baby monitor one knee-high stocking one or two large safety pins

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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