Care recipient (cr) living alone resists caregiver suggestions to through out spoiled food left in the refrigerator iption

Try: #if possible discuss a food management plan with the cr the plan should include a meal plan keeping shopping lists regular shopping days and a schedule to check the cupboards and fridge regularly to see what food needs to be bought or disposed of #cook main courses in advance and divide it into meal-sized portions put one or two portions in small clear storage containers in the refrigerator and freeze the rest of the portions in freezer storage bags #before putting portions in the fridge or freezer use the marker and either tape or a labels to write what the food is and the date it was cooked on each package #to see if grain products pasta flour cake mix cereal etc are infested with bugs and in need of disposal pour them into clear plastic bags or put a whole box into a clear plastic bag close the bag securely and place on a counter under a warm light the light will usually draw any bugs into activity #if fruits and vegetables are frequently left to spoil consider using frozen or canned foods or buying fresh fruits and vegetables in smaller amounts #peel wash slice and pre-measure small servings of fruits and vegetables to encourage the cr to eat them more often label the serving containers to cue the cr to eat them while they are fresh #if the cr resists getting rid of food that has spoiled by saying i know when things are spoiled i can just see it or you’re just throwing away good food i’ve lived this long without a problem don’t argue the cr’s statements may reflect anxiety confusion or misperception related to anything from diminishing eyesight to a problem with hoarding explain that you want to replace the older food with fresher healthier food #consider taking old food out right after cooking new food that way you can further justify getting rid of old spoiled food by the need to re-use the containers for the new food and to make more space in the fridge additionally the sight of new food coming in may reassure the cr that the resource of food is not being lost even though older food is going out #after putting dated or spoiled food in the cr’s garbage remove the garbage from the home as soon as possible

Materials: Permanent marker masking tape or white labels clear storage containers small freezer storage bags shopping lists

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