Care recipient (cr) or caregiver who can’t lift a laundry basket may find it easier to tow the basket from place to place

Try: #turn the basket over and glue the gliders to the bottom of the laundry basket the gliders will help the basket move smoothly across most flooring surfaces gliders are sold under a variety of names and are displayed in the furniture or moving sections of hardware and general merchandise stores they can often be found at inexpensive prices at discount outlets or dollar stores #tie the ends of the rope to either side of one end of the basket if the rope is tied in the middle of the end of the basket the basket may tip over when it is slightly overloaded and being towed #develop the habit of dropping the rope back into the basket any time the basket is not being towed to prevent people from possibly tripping on the rope #some caregivers substitute a belt for the length of rope this is simpler but again care will have to be taken as the belt looped to one point on the basket’s rim or handle will not provide enough stability to prevent the laundry from spilling if the basket is overloaded

Materials: Laundry basket with sturdy rim or handles smooth plastic gliders used for moving furniture about six feet of rope strong adhesive glue

Categories: Maintenance, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

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