Chronic lower back pain makes tasks related to laundry difficult but small shortcuts may help

Try: #sit to load unload or fold laundry if possible #use a long-handled reacher to reach items that drop to the floor or to the side of the machines #before doing the laundry put small items to be washed together in the zippered mesh bag and put the whole bag in the washing machine this will make it easier make it easier to manage the items and to prevent them from dropping while being moved in or out of the washer or dryer #fasten the belt to one handle or edge of the laundry basket when laundry is in the basket use the belt to pull the basket from place to place instead of lifting and carrying the loaded basket this may reduce back strain

Materials: Long-handled reacher sold in drug stores laundry basket belt mesh laundry bag with zipper sold in general merchandise stores with laundry supplies stool or chair

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