Care recipient (cr) is bedbound and needs a bed bath

Try: If movement causes cr pain wait about one hour after giving pain medication to bathe him during the bath ask cr if caregiver (cg) is rubbing too hard or too lightly everyone has a different sense of touch provide privacy during the bath if cr is in a hospital bed raise or lower the bed to lessen the strain on the cg’s back bath time is also a good time to brush and style hair and shave the cr attending to the cr’s usual grooming habits or p

Materials: Mild soap wash cloths or sponge fresh pajamas hair brush and comb razor and shaving cream or electric razor after shave lotion

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References: Helps raise the cr’s spirits and maintains the cr’s dignity keep the cr’s favorite perfumes or colognes and offer them to cr after a bath information references best practice caring for the bed bound client by compassionate community care 2009 available at

Keywords: Bedbound bath bathing grooming pain dignity

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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