Care recipient (cr) is bedbound and cannot feed him

Try: Make sure cr is awake and alert enough to eat and drink and avoid giving cr any medications which may cause drowsiness prior to feeding prepare food and fluids according to any directions position the cr in as upright a sitting position as possible using pillows or repositioning the bed chair if possible if the cr has dentures or partials make sure that they are in place and fit securely involve the cr psychologically, try to make mealtime a social time as much as possible honor and include food cravings likes and dislikes do not stand above the cr because this will require him to tilt his head back and open his airway causing food to enter the airway allow time for effective swallowing between bites assist the cr in removing food from the mouth that they are unable to swallow whenever possible use a straw for liquids so that the cr can control the amount he wants to drink sucking through a straw also exercises and strengthens swallowing muscles if possible consider preparing moist food items that include sauces or gravies because they help the cr chew and swallow better avoid fluids or foods that are very cold or very hot consider feeding the cr small meals every few hours to increase food intake rather than feeding the cr three meals a day if choking occurs try to get the cr to cough also clean the cr’s airway if needed try to identify the reason for choking modify feeding fluids and food if necessary after the meal is over help the cr clean and rinse mouth offer fluids especially water hourly if possible keep a fresh supply at bedside

Materials: Pitcher of water at bedside napkin or paper towels moistened wash cloth

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References: bathing and skin care by head to toe care llc 2009 available at

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