Assess and correct factors that may contribute to falls in the kitchen

Try: #assess the kitchen for areas such as near the sink that may become wet and slippery consider using non-skid kitchen work mats in those areas rather than scatter rugs #remove loose scatter rugs if they are likey to be tripped over and replace them with heavier rugs or work mats #assess the lighting throughout the day and note if there are any times when glare or shadow hides obstacles on the floor address these problems with shades more lighting or brighter lightbulbs #if the cr gets up at night to visit the kitchen keep a nightlight on in the kitchen and make sure the path from the cr cr’s bedroom to the kitchen is clutter-free and illuminated easily with either nightlights or accessible switches #keep frequently used appliances and cooking ingredients within easy reach #if the cr has good balance make sure there is a sturdy low stepstool available for use this is preferable to the cr using a less sturdy higher stepstool or a chair as a stepstool some crs may find a reacher useful but others may be at risk pulling down such items as cans or boxes if their strength or coordination is limited #keep the kitchen floor clear of clutter boxes or unshelved household or food supplies #if the cr is blind or has low vision teach family friends and workers to keep and return items to their assigned places including furniture for example always put food and utensils away in assigned places in cupboards never leave cleaning supplies packages groceries etc on the floor and always push chairs up against kitchen tables the consequences of not seeing furniture or tripping over something on the floor could be life-threatening to a cr who is blind or has low vision

Materials: Non-skid kitchen mats shades or brighter lighting as needed nightlights sturdy stepstool reacher

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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