Physical conditions make it unsafe or painful for a cr to bend or stoop to pick up even light items

Try: #reachers are metals sticks with handles at one end and pick-up pinchers at the other they are often about thirty inches long some pinchers have suction-cup tips while others have finer plastic grippers some come with small magnets near the tips that allow for pick up of items such as pins tacks coins etc #buy several pinchers each in different styles they can be found at drug stores but wider varieties are available through medical supply stores and independent living catalogs #buy a long handled pair of tongs at any general merchandise store #use reachers to lift relatively light items from the floor such as small articles of clothing paperback books craft items etc use the tongs to lift heavier items reachers may be used to extend the cr’s reach so a basket can be dragged across a floor but keep in mind that some reachers are designed to be strong only in the direction of the handle to the tip and may buckle if used to move weight from side to side

Materials: Several reachers a pair of long metal salad or bbq tongs

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