The Care recipient (cr) needs to know how to get started researching his her family history as a new hobby

Try: Consult a good how-to book if the cr is not already comfortable with using a computer become so take a course in genealogy through a local adult education program a local library or online write down everything the cr knows about him herself and their family and enter this

Materials: Family history how-to book internet paper pen genealogy software program

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Information: Into a genealogy software program such as family tree maker 2006 connect with other genealogists by joining a local genealogy society an ethnic genealogy society if relevant or a national genealogy society join a family association, search for phrases like willard family association from an internet search engine to see if a family association for the cr’s surname exists information

References: Adapted from terry and jim willard 2006 beginner’s questions answered ancestry magazine january february

Keywords: Leisure amusement bored family history hobbies

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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