Care recipient (cr) often gets stressed out while driving

Try: Avoid uncomfortable driving situations the cr may want to drive only during daylight hours if he or she has trouble seeing well in reduced light if fast-moving traffic bothers the cr consider staying off freeways highways and find street routes instead the cr may also want to avoid driving in bad weather rain thunderstorms snow hail ice if the cr is going to drive to an unfamiliar place it is a good idea to plan the route before leaving so that the cr feels more confident and can avoid getting lost online services such as mapquest google maps and yahoo maps can be very helpful find out what places the cr goes to on a regular basis for example the grocery store drug store doctor doctor’s office bank hair salon church and so on spend some time driving around with the cr so that the route can be memorized this could provide a comfort zone for the cr cr’s driving build confidence and relieve some of the anxiety

Materials: Computer with an internet connection pen and paper

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References: Adapted from the website www helpguide com senior driving safety tips warning signs and knowing when to stop 2009 by monika white doug russell joanna saisan and gina kemp

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