The Care recipient (cr) is interested in doing a unique hobby

Try: Learn about making faux stained glass windows by doing a word search on the internet for faux stained glass copy or download some patterns on the internet or draw some go to google search page www google com click images then search for faux stained glass hundreds of pictures are there to look at or print out have a local hardware store cut glass to the exact size needed buy supplies hang the finished creation on the front porch or in a well lit room to check for gaps or other flaws be very careful with the glass the edges can be sharp use masking tape on the edges or frame it first but it is a bit harder to create a scene if the edges are framed

Materials: Internet computer printer paper and pencil stained glass supplies masking tape

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References: Adapted from hobbies section of seniorark com

Keywords: Leisure amusement bored hobbies

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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