Stress-related anxiety has many causes and may be treated a variety of ways regardless of its main cause stress can be worsened by caffeine poor breathing and too much focus on the problem

Try: #eliminate caffeine dependence by slowly switching to decaffeinated products begin by diluting caffeinated drinks with half-measures of decaffeinated versions of the drinks over a two week period move entirely to decaffeinated products #during an anxiety attack breathing rate increases take deep long slow breaths at the start of an anxiety attack or as soon as you become aware of a rising stress level #lessen anxiety through distraction when anxiety rises try doing something that requires focus such as visiting with a friend working on a puzzle trying a new recipe or reading a book

Materials: Decaffeinated coffee cola and tea kind and empathetic caregiver deep breathing distraction

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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