Care recipient (cr) with anxiety feels greater stress before beginning new activities

Try: #let the cr know well in advance what is going to take place for example a doctor’s visit or trip to a senior center #let the cr know all the details necessary to get ready when the cr needs to be ready who will provide transportation etc #ask the cr to let you know or write down any questions or concerns about the activity #don’t judge what the cr says but ask questions if you don’t understand something #sometimes anxiety will lessen as fears are spoken ask what specifically makes the cr anxious about the event the cr may come up with a list of concerns that the two of you can investigate and answer before the event perhaps lowering of the cr’s anxiety #if a cr has concerns related to medical procedures ask questions of treating doctors therapists or lab workers in advance #if a cr is anxious about beginning a new program or joining a group ask if you can bring the cr to the activity’s meeting site in advance so the cr can see the environment or meet the facilitator in advance

Materials: Pen paper resourceful nonjudgmental caregiver

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Medical Physical, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, Some Supervision, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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