Intrusive thoughts are recurring disturbing mental pictures or ideas that intrude on daily activities requiring mental focus while they can happen once in a while to anyone they are a problem more frequently for people experiencing obsessive compulsive disorder ocd

Try: #the images and ideas suggested by intrusive thoughts can distract disturb or disgust the person having them a natural reaction to intrusive thoughts is to try to suppress or deny them; ironically this often makes them more persistent #when intrusive thoughts occur try simply accepting them stop trying to focus on anything else and take a quiet moment give yourself permission to accept that the intrusive thought is there remind yourself that nothing needs to be done about it it doesn’t require action and it doesn’t deserve a response sit quietly for a few moments in acceptance of the thought and often the thought will disappear #obsessive compulsive disorder can be managed through a variety of avenues including medication counseling and self-care address signs of obsessive compulsive behavior if they cause distress have a negative impact on relationships or impose obstacles to carrying out activities of daily living working bathing shopping leaving the house for examples

Materials: Quiet moment additional treatment if desired

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