Care recipient (cr) is much less physically active than previously perhaps because of sadness or isolation the cr’s doctor recommends moderate exercise

Try: #encourage the cr to join neighbors friends and family in light activities such as walking around the neighborhood strolling in public gardens or dancing #make physical activity an informal part of the cr’s week if the cr resists the idea of exercise shopping trips that involve walking games that involve physical gestures hobbies that require movement using a potter’s wheel spinning wool carrying a metal detector these are informal ways to get exercise casual swimming easy gardening or taking short walking tours of historic sites will also provide exercise and mental stimulation #schedule formal physical activity as part of the cr daily and weekly routine if possible and help the cr plan for it look for fitness classes for seniors home therapy services or park district activities that match the cr’s interest and ability #make sure the cr wears proper walking shoes for exercise and other activities requiring balance or endurance if the cr uses a can walker or other assistive device make sure it is fitted properly for the cr and that it is being used safely and comfortably #make sure that water or another non-caffeinated non-alcoholic drink is available to the cr during or after physical activity

Materials: Walking shoes cane or other assistive device if necessary activity partners water

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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