Concentration problems can be an issue for many care recipients cr because there are so many things competing for our attention the good news is that the ability to focus is not something you have to be born with but something that can be nurtured and developed below are tips that can help the cr deal with concentration problems and improve the ability to focus

Try: Break down big tasks into small chunks if you have a big thing to work on break it down into a number of small easily manageable steps and also decide the order in which you want to complete them you can start with the most important task and end with the least important one regular breaks for concentration problems take short breaks while studying working or doing anything that requires your undivided attention after a long period of work you are likely to feel physically as well as mentally drained change your breathing pattern when you are about to start a new project or learn something new change your breathing pattern take slow deep breaths instead of rapid shallow breaths reward yourself when you solve concentration problems before you start working decide how you like to reward yourself after you finish the work when you have a reward to look forward to you will stay motivated and focused and finish the task no matter how tedious it is eat healthy to reduce concentration problems eat a healthy well-balanced diet limit your intake of dense fatty foods that make you feel sluggish and drowsy avoid sugary snacks as sudden rise and fall in blood sugar levels can negatively affect your concentration improve brain function you can improve your brain function sharpen your memory and increase your attention span by playing strategy-based games like chess poker and monopoly and board games

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