caregiver (cg) needs suggestions on making the day go smoother for the Care recipient (cr)

Try: Everything will go smoother during the day of you have a daily goal to follow this doesn’t mean that the goal has to be structured or rigid but just a simple guideline some things to include each day could be make the cr feel that they have accomplished or helped you with something during the day this will give the cr a sense of well being and raise their self-esteem fill the cr’s day with small successes by praising accomplishments and overlooking limitations give the cr a sense of socialization and belonging interact with the cr often during the day in a social or conversational way much the same way a best friend would involve the cr in controlling some aspect of the day whether it be choosing the color of the placemats for a meal or the color of the bath towel used for their bath even the type of music listened to or program watched on television could be the cr’s choice provide plenty of emotional reassurance throughout the day if you need to go to another room and out of sight of the cr be sure and make verbal contact often to let the cr know you are nearby and available

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