caregiver (cg) and outside visitors need ideas for engaging a Care recipient (cr) in meaningful activities when visiting

Try: Here is a helpful list of suggestions to utilize when visiting an older adult either at home or in a residential setting bring photos of family and friends the photos could be either current or from the past bring along a small tape recorder and record the cr’s special memories or just catch up on family or community histories bring a current magazine or book to share with the cr try reading aloud something that would be interesting or funny bring along some greeting cards and stamps to help the cr keep in touch with out of town friends and family this could be much appreciated by a cr with limited vision or problems with arthritis that prevents writing pack a small picnic basket with colorful napkins and plates and share some simple snack items bring along a cd of favorite music comedies or old time radio programs and listen to them together bring a craft project or small puzzle and have fun working on it together bring along a recipe book and pick out an interesting recipe make the recipe and take it along on the next visit for you both to share if possible bring a pet or young children to visit with the cr keep a journal of the shared thoughts ideas and joys of each visit refer to the journal when you plan your next visit

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