Adequate sleep and quality rest can actually help prevent dementia in a Care recipient (cr) sleep deprivation not only leaves a person cranky and tired but it also impairs the ability to think problem-solve and process store and recall information

Try: Establish a regular sleep schedule going to bed and getting up at the same time reinforces natural circadian rhythms make sure the cr has a set bed time be smart about napping while taking a nap can be a great way to recharge especially for older adults it can make insomnia worse if insomnia is a problem for the cr consider eliminating napping set the mood reserve the bed for sleep and ban television and computers from the bedroom both are stimulating and may lead to difficulties falling asleep create a relaxing bedtime ritual take a hot bath do some light stretches write in a journal or dim the lights as it becomes habit the nightly ritual will send a powerful signal to the brain that it’s time for deep restorative sleep quiet the mind when stress anxiety or negative internal dialogues keep the cr awake get out of bed try reading or relaxing in another room for twenty minutes then hop back in

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