Care recipients crs in an afternoon singing period designed for people with early alzheimer disease only participate about 20 of the time songs are community sing type but participation is still low

Try: # arrange participants chairs in a circle # music leader starts with a xylophone or other single-note instrument in the key of c and begins to play it in time and sing row row row your boat or similar one chord song # prompt others to participate by passing the xylophone key to the next person in the circle and let them play # the music leader then plays the e note on time with the song starting a second round the instruments are then passed again # the music leader then plays a g note forming a c chord when all three keys are struck simultaneously and plays it in time with the music while the third round sings # continue passing instruments until everyone has had a chance to play # other community songs that can use this method include are you sleeping bother john dip dip dip dip and my paddle paddle’s keen and bright or find another song that appeals to the crs interests and use the musical notes to help them feel like they are more actively participating

Materials: List of songs having only one chord list of songs having no more than 2 chords individual xylophone keys with 1 mallet per key or some other instrument that makes a single note

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Leisure, Memory, Somewhat Aware, So-So S T Memory, Poor S T Memory

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