Care recipient (cr) is depressed does not feel as though he or she is important to anyone or anything

Try: #the frog and the aquarium can be found at a pet or fish store # chat with the cr about the things in life that have made him or her feel needed and important if children or pets are a part of that the conversation can lead to the pleasures of watching and caring for a living being # ask if the cr would be willing to take care of a small pet for a few weeks for you tell him or her you would help remember what needs to be done to care for this pet # find a good place to put the small aquarium where the water temperature will stay relatively constant keep the calendar and pen nearby # show the cr the feeding schedule and teach him or her how to make sure the frog has enough food each day # help the cr mark the calendar each day after the frog is fed to ensure that it gets enough food # two weeks later show the cr how to empty three-quarters of the water out of the tank and fill it back up with clean water

Materials: Large open-mouthed vase or 4x4x6 inch plastic aquarium marking pen and calendar small table or space on a counter african dwarf frog and food for it

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Social, No Supervision, Some Supervision, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware, Good S T Memory, So-So S T Memory

Information: The adult african dwarf frog is about the size of a thumbnail it never needs to get out of the tiny aquarium at various times especially when it is comfortable and well fed it makes a soft high pitched chirp that is pleasurable to hear

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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