Care recipients cr with dementia often display a wide array of feelings and emotions the following tips are ideas for assisting the caregiver in managing the cr’s emotions

Try: Help manage emotions try to remain calm and reassuring by telling the cr that everything will be alright try to redirect the cr by distracting him her with an activity or changing the subject acknowledge the emotions of the cr for example if the older adult shouts i’m going home respond by saying you really want to go home don’t you try not to rush the cr in registering what you’ve just said such as in the reply in the above commentary allow the cr to access whether you are accurate in your response to the older adult’s statement try to use comforting and non-controlling statements for example if the cr wants to go outside set limits by saying i’d like to go outside too we’ll go outside after we eat avoid surprises and create structure the cr may respond with emotional outbursts when he she feels loss of control or the cr doesn’t understand the situation try not to pull the cr out of a chair or any other place rather give the cr a warning by saying we’re going to get up now and gently assist the cr to standing position be positive and reassuring foster positive emotions to help balance feelings of sadness and anger repetitive enjoyable activities and exercise can nurture positive feelings use phases that help to comfort and release tensions for example say everything will be okay we’re doing fine we’ll get through this together i’m here to help you use your body language and tone of voice to send positive messages maintain eye contact smile and touch the person to comfort and reassure the cr

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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