Care recipients cr with dementia can exhibit repetitive behavior due to their condition the following are tips for caregivers to deal with a cr’s repetitive behavior

Try: Have a medical examination done to check medications and for illness or pain distract the cr with a favorite activity such as walking or food such as fruit try these communication tips respond to the emotion instead of the specific question the cr may simply need reassurance remind with brief simple statements do not remind the person that he she has asked before as this may be upsetting try a gentle touch when a verbal response does not help sometimes a hug or a gentle shoulder massage may be more reassuring than words use a calm voice when responding to repeated questions use simple written reminders with people who can still read do not discuss plans with the person until just prior to an event if this causes agitation and repeated questions try audio tapes sometimes a tape of the caregiver talking in a reassuring voice may be helpful however for some people a disembodied voice is confusing use memory aids signs large numeral clocks calendars and schedules can help orient some people remove things in the environment that may trigger repetitive questions for example a visible coat rack may trigger the question it is time to go now keep in mind these points when a person is stuck on step of a task repeating it again and again use touch and pointing to gently move on to the next step e g touch arm that going in the sleeve point to the sleeve be aware that interrupting the repetitive movement may be very annoying to the person be sure to allow enough time so the person isn’t rushed through the task

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