Care recipient’s cr adult child tries to manipulate him her

Try: Encourage cr to set limits he she can live with and enforce them encourage cr to inform the adult child of these limits and follow through with his her rules encourage cr to say no when needed cr does not have to explain why sometimes it is necessary to say no for the safety and well-being of oneself and others who are involved suggest that cr learn to let go remind cr that his her adult child is just that – an adult the choices he she has made are his her own suggest that cr have written guidelines or a contract verbal communication can be forgotten misunderstood or distorted by writing out the rules everyone knows where they stand and what they agreed to

Materials: Paper pen or computer and printer

Categories: Sage, Topic, Emotional Psychological, Financial, Legal, Personal, Social

Information: If it is pertinent if he she repeats the information it is best not to say anything about it cr may only feel embarrassed and frustrated unnecessarily if cr hears better when others talk louder this may mean cr has a hearing loss try suggesting to cr that he she get a hearing aid if cr already has one check the batteries and make sure the hearing aid is fitted right in cr’s ear

References: dealing with your adult child by amy griswold 2012 available at www urbanext illinois edu

Keywords: Adult children son daughter family conflict manipulative bossy uses grandchildren

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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