Care recipient is afraid of night time intruders

Try: Talk to the cr about his or her fear of night time intruders listen to the cr’s concerns give the cr something positive to do to address the fear of intruders for example suggest that the cr make it a habit to make sure all the doors and windows in the house are locked every evening around the same time consider placing motion sensor lights throughout the inside of the house and around the outside of the home arrange for a handyperson to install the lights let the cr know that if anything crosses the path of the motion sensors the lights will go on the lights may be triggered by the cr walking around inside the home or by cats or feral animals passing outside the home explain to the cr how the lights work as a security tool the lights may give the cr a better picture of what is happening in the environment leading to a greater sense of security

Materials: Inside motion sensor lights outside motion sensor lights handyperson

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