Care recipient (cr) dislikes showering or getting into bathtub

Try: #a cr’s unwillingness to bathe may be related to dementia mental illness depression or anxiety about falling fear of falling may be addressed by adding no-skid strips and grab bars but changes in cognition or mental health may require different kinds of problem-solving #can bath time be made more comfortable the cr may feel better about bathing midday than in the morning for example make sure the bathroom’s temperature and lighting are appropriate for the cr’s tastes and needs #also consider whether the cr can live safely and well with fewer baths perhaps just one or two a week if the cr’s skin is in good condition and he or she has good circulation and if the caregiver and cr are able to manage continence and personal cleaning well then sponge baths and personal care wipes may be enough to keep the cr fresh between baths #purchase bathing or continence wipes at pharmacies wipes are available for general skin cleaning or for use cleaning sensitive skin when bowel or bladder accidents occur washcloths and mild soap are fine for sponge baths #make sure soap residue is removed with clear water after sponge baths #do not let fecal matter or infected tissue get spread to the vaginal or penile opening or to an open wound or mucous membrane while assisting the cr to bathe #wash your hands with soap and warm water before and after helping the cr to bathe

Materials: Large attractive towel personal wipes washcloths no-skid strips and grab bars if necessary

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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