Care recipient (cr) with severe memory problems who cannot oversee personal finances has anxiety about money and bills

Try: #in situations where the cr wants to pay but is no longer competent with money to do so arrange payment in advance of when the cr expects the bill if dining out for example take care of the bill before it is brought to the table #for a very confused cr who remembers the ritual of paying but cannot make sense of money consider making a mock or faux family credit card for the cr to carry in a purse or wallet create a variety of coupons to be used for tips or gifts for caregivers visiting relatives and friends #in places where the cr is well-known and his or her confusion is understood you can make payment arrangements in advance and give the cr one of the coupons to present instead of money you will want to alert the staff ahead of time if you are doing anything like this and it may be unwise to try this any place with more than a couple of workers on staff #if a cr is hospitalized and wrongly believes he or she needs to pay for services related to the visit explain that insurance has paid for the room meals and assistance #if a caregiver or family member is taking the cr out to eat or shop you might also try handing the cr the amount of cash necessary to cover the bill when the it comes so he or she can pay it #in general when a cr is very confused about money you will want to make sure the cr is not being exploited financially or isn’t paying for things unnecessarily or several times because of confusion

Materials: Paper scissors markers communication with store or restaurant staff

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