Care recipient (cr) with schizophrenia eats poorly at home due to disorganization affecting shopping and planning for meals

Try: #arrange a consultation with a registered dietitian to discuss the cr’s nutritional needs and to create sample meal plans with the cr’s permission go into the session with the cr #buy a notepad pencils and twelve blank monthly calendar sheets blank calendar sheets are sold at office supply stores #using the sample meal plans from the nutritionist as a guide make a meal plan for the cr this is something the cr should be involved with as much as possible plan a month of meals in advance and write them down in pencil on a calendar sheet #use the meal plan as a guide to make a shopping list list the grocery items you will need using the pencil and notepad #estimate the cost of the groceries by listing a price next to each item on the shopping list base the estimates on ads or scouting trips to grocery stores #shop carefully at the grocery store the caregiver can go with the cr if the cr needs help staying focused or remembering how to compare prices #review the receipts from the shopping trip while putting groceries away this is useful for reinforcing knowledge of the prices of foods and may reveal mistakes made by the cashier in pricing it is also a chance to give the cr credit when cost-effective shopping and staying within budget have been achieved #do meal planning and shopping on a regular schedule keep the notebook and pencils in the kitchen before shopping check the refrigerator cupboards and shelves to see what food items needed to make planned meals are in the house already and which need to be bought also check to see what staple items such as coffee milk or sugar need to be replaced

Materials: Note pad and pencils blank monthly calendar sheets nutritionist helper to provide assistance at grocery store

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