Care recipient (cr) with schizoaffective disorder is overwhelmed by tasks that involve organizing several smaller steps due to disorganized thinking and distraction from auditory hallucinations

Try: #hang the whiteboard in the laundry area with tasks related to laundry arranged by the day of the week each is to be done and a simple outline of steps to do to complete it for example monday 1 gather clothes sheets and towels to be washed 2 gather laundry basket laundry soap and any other supplies needed bring all items to the laundry area 2 replace sheets on bed and towels in bathroom wednesday sort things to be washed into small piles by material and color remove lint from the dryer lint trap wash and dry clothes sheets and towels clean lint trap between loads fold items when you remove them from the dryer friday wipe down the washer and dryer with a clean damp cloth put away clothes basket laundry soap or other supplies put away clothes or hang them up in the closet make the directions as specific as is helpful #develop the task list and timeline with the cr if possible so the cr can have control over when and how the tasks will be done periodically review the tasks on the whiteboard with the cr changing them as needed or desired #give the cr whatever time is needed to get used to the system if it is helpful be present while the cr works on laundry to help the cr stay focused you could re-direct the cr to the whiteboard as needed or to change the directions on the whiteboard to make them easier to understand #if auditory hallucinations distract the cr suggest he or she listen to music through headphones on a personal music player while doing laundry

Materials: Large white board dry-erase markers headphones attached to personal music player

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