Care recipient (cr) with anxiety drinks several caffeinated drinks every day coffee in the morning soda coffee or hot chocolate later in the day etc

Try: #drinking or eating caffeinated products may make feelings of anxiety worse regular use of caffeine for example several cups of coffee in the morning or a large soda in the afternoon can contribute to dramatic highs and lows in energy levels mood insomnia and discomfort #reduce caffeine intake and see if anxiety lessens #if quitting caffeinated drinks all at once is too uncomfortable take a week to gradually replace caffeinated with non-caffeinated drinks begin with a half and half mixture of caffeinated-decaffeinated and slowly switch to a full dose of decaffeinated #keep in mind that caffeine is also present in coffee tea milk chocolate sport drinks and many over-the-counter medications #look for caffeine-free colas teas dark chocolate and medications

Materials: Caffeine-free alternatives to caffeinated drinks and foods

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