Help a Care recipient (cr) to unwind through an exercise of tensing and relaxing muscles throughout the body

Try: #buy a recording of nature sounds or soft music to play softly in the background while you work with the cr on relaxation exercises if the cr wants you to record your voice giving instructions you may want to leave the music off while you are recording #invite the cr to sit or recline comfortably in a chair or on the bed or on the floor use pillows to increase the cr’s comfort or safety as needed #use the following script speaking clearly and slowly ##close your eyes take a deep breath in hold it for a second now exhale slowly and completely take another deep breath in let it out slowly breathe in and breathe out ##now stiffen your feet so your toes are pointing up try to point your toes toward your nose feel the tension in your toes your ankles and the bottom of your feet now let your ankles relax and your arches relax and your toes relax ##keep breathing in and out pay attention to your legs make then stiff like logs feel the tension in your feet your calves your knees your thighs and your behind and now relax your legs let your thighs relax let your knees become loose let your ankles become flexible feel the tension leave your feet ##breath deeply and fully and as you do pay attention to your hands clench your fists as tightly as you can hold that tension now unfold your fists feeling your fingers unfold and your palms unfold and feeling your hands completely relax again clench your fists tightly hold the tension and now release it feel all the tension leaving your hands your palms your fingertips feel the difference between tension and relaxation ##breathe deeply and fully and pay attention to your arms make your arms as stiff as you can feel the stiffness in your fists your forearms your upper arms hold the tension and now relax let the tension drain away let your fists your wrists your elbows and your muscles relax now tighten your arms again and hold them as tight as you can keep breathing in and out and now relax your arms ##now raise your shoulders toward your ears tighten your shoulders and hold the tension for a second now drop your shoulders and all the tension they were carrying let your shoulders relax let the tension flow out of your shoulders down your arms through your hands and out your fingertips ##breathe in and out pay attention to your neck and face tighten all the muscles in your face squeeze your mouth and eyes and forehead tight now relax your face let your cheeks relax and your eye muscles relax and your mouth relax relax your jaw feel the tension leave your face and your neck ##breathe and check your body for any spot where you feel tension relax that spot

Materials: Music player nature sounds or soft music recording voice recorder if desired pillows

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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