Care recipient (cr) often panics while in public places

Try: Help cr learn to recognize the signs of a panic attack for example cr may be standing still and going about his her business when he she suddenly feels his her heart rate goes up this might be causing cr’s panic attack when cr has a panic attack he she may get shortness of breath develop cold sweat cold and clammy hands have a buzzing or ringing sound in his her ears and an escalated sense of anxiety cr may either feel like the world is closing in or he she might feel that he she is drowning in a sea of people cr needs to know the physical symptoms so that he she can identify clearly if he she is having a panic attack suggest that cr take deep breaths this will help cr slow down his her breathing encourage cr to slow things down suggest that cr take a deep breath and exhale slowly when cr does this a few times he she will notice that the symptoms will decrease if cr is feeling overwhelmed by all the noise and visual stimulation suggest that cr close his her eyes till he she is able to reorient him herself again while cr has his her eyes closed suggest that he she take deep breaths another thing cr can do while he she is having a panic attack is to find a quiet and less crowded place if cr is walking on the street and gets a panic attack cr may want to head in a nearby coffee shop to sit down a few minutes to compose him herself cr may also try sitting on a nearby bench or finding a bathroom if cr finds the restroom suggest that he she go to the sink and douse his her face with some cold water this may help settle cr as cr physically rinses his her face suggest that he she take deep breaths and try to relax suggest that cr call a friend or trusted relative if cr can’t get his her bearings suggest that he she call someone on his her cell phone that can talk to cr through the calming process ideally it should be someone who is familiar with cr’s situation

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References: how to survive a panic attack in a public place by quentin patterson no date available at www howtodothings com

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