Care recipient (cr) often feels self conscious and embarrassed

Try: Ask the cr to name someone who appears to be very self confident suggest that the cr try to learn something from this person ask the cr to make a list of the things this person does or says to enhace self confidence how does this person act for example does the person have a firm handshake or a limp one does the person act upbeat and positive or negative suggest that the cr model his or her behavior after this person practice role playing specific situations to help build the cr cr’s confidence suggest that the cr act self confident even if he or she doesn’t believe it yet it is easier to act into a new way of thinking rather than think into a new way of acting

Materials: Pen pencil notebook

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References: Adapted from the website www more-selfesteem com self confidence tips to help you now by karl perera 2007

Keywords: Embarrassed self-conscious shy

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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